CAO Audit Report


Tata Global Beverages (TGB) is committed to the fair and ethical treatment of people across its supply chain. Therefore, when a number of serious social issues were alleged in 2013-14 in relation to Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited (APPL), a company in which TGB is a significant shareholder, we were deeply concerned. TGB had appointed legal advisors to verify compliances by independent review. The legal advisors appointed and commissioned an independent third party Solidaridad to make an assessment into the living and working conditions of the workers at the APPL plantations. A summary of the Solidaridad report is available on the APPL corporate website for reference

Based on a detailed assessment of action areas, requirements and corresponding resources, APPL is now pursuing a phased Action Plan to improve living and working conditions at their plantations. A detailed account of the action plan can be found on giving details of the 7 broad action areas identified based on the Solidaridad assessment. In the document, APPL has also provided a detailed account of the action undertaken across all of its plantations in areas including empowerment of workers through structured grievance redressal mechanism, financial literacy programmes, grassroots sensitisation programmes on health, nutrition etc. As highlighted in the progress update document, these actions are already underway.

Further details of the action plan and update on progress with the plan can be discussed with APPL who now owns the delivery of the plan. As a concerned shareholder TGB continues to support the management of APPL towards improving the living and working conditions of workers. Under the proposed Draft Action Plan, which has been presented to the APPL board for review and approval, TGB will work alongwith IFC to engage a third party to undertake an annual audit and worker perception survey of progress of  Project Unnati and other improvement measures to independently verify implementation status and assess effectiveness.