Feeling run down during Winter?

Winter Proof Yourself

We know the feeling! That's why we have set up the Winter Proof Yourself plan to help you through those though times.

Our new research reveals that the average Brit spends less than HALF the year feeling fully fit with respondents typically feeling run-down on at least two days of the working week.

That's why we at Tetley have teamed up with GP and TV presenter, Dr Hilary Jones, to develop a 10 point action plan, to help winter proof yourself this season.

Our study of 2,000 Brits found a wide-range of reasons to curse the onset of winter – with dark mornings, sick colleagues and Christmas shopping, among the list of Britain’s top 30 winter grumbles.

Hilary Jones

Brits were twice as likely to reach for chocolate than they were to turn to vitamins, fresh fruit and vegetables when feeling poorly.

Dr Hilary said: “The degree to which winter impacts negatively on our health and wellbeing is clear. The study found that Brits are three times more likely to say they felt ‘run-down’, tired or fed up over the winter months than they were to feel content with themselves and their health.”

Our own expert nutritionist at Tetley also suggested that a healthy varied diet is essential at all times of the year, ensuring you keep up with your vitamin intake.

Try our Super Green or Super Fruits range with added vitamins*, to help keep healthy during the winter.

*enjoy at least one mug a day as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Winter Proof Yourself