Tetley Cold Infusions Raspberry and Cranberry

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Tetley Cold Infusions - Cranberry & Raspberry

Tetley Cold Infusions Raspberry and Cranberry

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Quench your thirst with the refreshing taste of our Raspberry and Cranberry herbal and fruit infusion. Specially created to be brewed in cold water so you can have a quick, easy and convenient drink. Consume leisurely or take it on-the-go! 

Ingredients: Hibiscus (93%), natural flavouring, raspberry pieces (1%), cranberry (1%).

For instructions on how to brew:

On the go...

  1. Add one infuser into 500ml cold water.
  2. Shake and infuse for 5 mins.
  3. Leave infuser in and enjoy. Once prepared consume within 8 hours.

In a glass...

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Cold Infusions

Reviews (26)


I tried this Tetley Cold Infusion and found it very refreshing, the taste wasn't too overpowering but you can brew it to your own taste.

Yes, I recommend this product

I was sceptical at first because I had never drunk cold tea before. However this knocked my socks off. I enjoyed the taste the flavour and liked it so much I bought another packet.

Yes, I recommend this product
Fresh fruity taste

The box was a little larger than it needs to be, but the bags themselves look very nice as they're made of an organza material.

Yes, I recommend this product
Refreshingly good flavour

Was very happy to test this tea having never experienced cold infusion before.

Yes, I recommend this product
Great Idea

This is such a great idea. It is really easy to use, just put it in the bottle and fill with water. The bag is very strong so there is no chance of it splitting in the bottle.

Yes, I recommend this product
Berry delight

I am so glad that I tried this flavour, you can have it as weak as you want, or get a abundance of flavour.

Yes, I recommend this product
Very refreshing

This was a tasty drink, refreshing needed a couple of minutes to brew. This would be good on a hot summers day, I also tried it with hot water, that was really good too.

Yes, I recommend this product
Great taste and very refreshing

I tested this product and I was very pleasantly surprised just how refreshing they were. I will certainly be putting them on my shopping list as the entire family enjoyed the taste.

Yes, I recommend this product
Cold Infusions

I tested and tried this in my large water bottle that i bought for the gym and for sitting around the swimming pool at my leisure and it was nice to have a refreshing fruity taste instead of just p

Yes, I recommend this product
Good robust flavour

I have been regularly drinkinking this and enjoying the refreshing taste of it

Yes, I recommend this product

At Tetley we are committed to ensure a better life to our farmers, better tea for you and a better environment for all.