Missing the Sunshine?


Missing the Sunshine?

We team up with psychologist Honey Langcaster-James to bring you the sunshine during the winter months!

Our research reveals the average Brit spends 104 hours - that’s almost five full days each year – complaining about the weather. We’ve also identified that one in ten Brits (12 percent) say the British weather leaves them feeling “utterly depressed.” That’s why we’ve teamed up with psychologist, Honey Langcaster-James, to explore the impact a lack of sunshine has on the mood of the nation and to find some suggestions for combatting our resulting frustration in the winter.

We all know that a sunny day can boost our mood and lift our spirits because it allows the body to produce vitamin D.


Washout weather put a dampener on your summer?


But there’s more you can do to ‘Bring the Sunshine’, and the following top tips from Honey Langcaster- James tells us how:

  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers all year round and bring that sunny garden feeling inside your home whatever the weather. Allow their fresh flowery scent to remind you of sunny afternoons spent in the garden.
  • Try to sleep in total darkness at night and use a bright light box designed to mimic dawn with bright sunlight early in the morning to wake you up. This can influence your natural circadian rhythms and help you to produce the correct amount of serotonin which has positive mood enhancing effects.
  • Try burning citrus scented candles in the home instead of more traditional wintertime ones like spiced apples & winter cranberries.
  • Getting regular exercise has been proven to help boost mood and reduce the symptoms associated with depression. In winter months, it is more important than ever to incorporate opportunities for exercise into your regular routine, so go for regular walks, take the stairs, join an exercise class or play sports whatever the weather.
  • Use summertime scented bath products and toiletries. Try a lemon zest shower gel to give you a motivating morning wakeup or a coconut shampoo to bring back that summer holiday feeling.
  • Maintain your Vitamin D levels during the winter months by eating a diet rich with foods that contain Vitamin D, and from food supplements or enhanced drinks like our new Super Green Tea Sunshine.
  • Make sure you print out your summer holiday snaps and don’t just leave them on your phone or digital camera. That way you can frame some and have them around the home to remind you of sunny summertime days.
  • Many people who suffer with seasonal affective disorder or SAD (depression occurring in a seasonal pattern) report that they find using light therapy helpful. This involves exposure to a light box which simulates sunlight. If you think you might have SAD you should see your GP and ask about light therapy, just 30-60 minutes per day may help.
  • Try getting up an hour earlier than you normally do through the winter months and going to bed an hour earlier too. This way you’ll maximize the exposure you’ll get to the available sunlight.
  • There is nothing sunnier than the smiles of your loved ones. Psychological studies have proven that one of the biggest predictors of positive mood and wellbeing is having enough social support and people you feel close to around you. Spend plenty of time with your family and friends and simply laugh together.

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