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Tetley Tea Folk


Ey up! Welcome to Tetley Towers. Pop the kettle on, have a cuppa and get to know us better.




Job role : Head of Tetley & Leader of the Tea Folk

Favourite blend : Original

Sugar/honey? 1 sugar

Personal Profile
Well when I’m running things at Tetley Towers, I’m travellin’ the world tryin’ all the different teas! Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, all kinds…. I’ve been to hundreds of tea plantations in India, Kenya, Argentina, Malawi, Japan… I could go on. What’s really great is they are filled with people who love tea just as much as I do! When you think of tea, you'll think of me (I must remember to tell Sydney to get that trademarked!)



Job role : Gaffer's right hand man

Favourite blend : Redbush

No I don’t have either in my tea but I do sometimes drink Redbush Vanilla when I fancy something sweet

Personal Profile
Aye up! I'm Gaffer's right hand man and 'there's nowt better than a cracking cuppa' with my lad! One day I’d love to take charge, but the others might say I'm a bit too naïve for this!



Job role : Infusion and herbal tea specialist

Favourite blend : Green with mango & passion fruit

If I’m having a black tea, I do like to add a teaspoon of honey. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. I like to bake cakes and biscuits and bring them in for the Tetley team. I’ve managed to perfect my oat and ginger biscuits, just the right crunch and just perfect for dunking.

Personal Profile
When I’m not baking for the gang, or being the voice of reason when Gaffer gets one of his tea obsessed ideas,I like to keep myself fit and healthy! I do regular work outs, eat right and drink lots of green tea. I like a Body Balance class and a bit of Pilates every bit as much as a boogie on a Friday night.



Job role : Head of Innovation

Favourite blend : Blend of both - I love green tea and original so I thought why not have them together – I haven’t turned back since

Sugar/honey? None

Personal Profile
I am quite the inventor, I spend a lot of time in my workshop creating new things, or painting if I’m in an arty mood. Some of my ideas don't go to plan as well as others, like my 5 headed teaspoon, but that's no worries - always better luck next time! When I do want to unwind , there's nowt like a warm cuppa by the fire.



Job role : Caretaker/technology systems operator

Favourite blend : Decaf

Sugar/honey? Just a bit of milk will do

Personal Profile
I’m a proud Gardener. I have my very own vegetable patch in my back garden, with carrots, parsnips, and all kinds of trees and flowers surrounding it. I got all the tools I need, forget a shovel - I have a spade with a kettle attached so I can garden and drink tea at the same time, although it gets a little too hot to hold when the kettle boils - Maurice and I came up with that one.



Job role : Work experience

Favourite blend : Easy squeeze

Sugar/honey? I like to have a couple of teaspoons of sugar as a treat, now and then!

Personal Profile
I keep the Tea Folk up to date with all things technical - I remember once Gaffer tried using an iPad to make a phone call, but that's no bother! I'm always here with a helping hand!



Job role : Junior trainee

Favourite blend : Super Green Berry Burst

Sugar/honey? There's not anything like the Super Boost range to perk up my day!

Personal Profile
I'm a bit more precocious than Clarence, though somewhat more bookish, perhaps even a bit Harry Potter like (though without any magical abilities). I'm in fact Gaffer's nephew, but this is something I like to keep quiet about, incase my Uncle gets accused of bias treatment!