80 percent of Brits have no clue when it comes to taking Vits...


To celebrate the launch of Tetley Super Squash, we commissioned some research alongside YouGov to discover how well Brits know their Vits.  We found out some shocking results and have nutritionist Rob Hobson on board to offer some top class, expert advice!


Four in Five Brits are completely clueless when it comes to their vitamin health, and a mere 13 percent think they have a good grasp of vitamins and their importance in a healthy diet! 87 percent confess they know little to nothing about vitamins and how they affect the body.


Despite this lack of knowledge, 82 percent understand that sensible management of vitamins and minerals in our diets is important for maintaining good health, and 30 percent even believe they have experienced a health issue which was caused by a lack of certain vitamins or minerals!

Rob Hobson and The Soul Sisters

Rob Hobson and the Soul Sisters at the Super Squash VIT-HIIT Session


That’s where Super Squash comes in to help! It’s time squash got smart to help Brits achieve their vit hit with benefits ranging from immune system support to helping reduce tiredness and fatigue, more easily. We’ve boosted the UK with our Super Teas, and now it’s time to help people in a new fresh and exciting way.

Rob Hobson

Having a super time! Rob Hobson answers guests questions


Nutritionist and author of Detox Kitchen Bible Rob Hobson also stresses that understanding the benefits associated with certain nutrients can help people to personalise their health and manage their health concerns. Until now, people have been relying on supplements but now drinks are another interesting delivery method especially for those who don’t like taking tablets!


Why not try our Super Squash and get your vit hit?