A message from Tetley

A message from Tetley - Published: Thursday, 26th March 2020

These are challenging times for us all, and, we want to share with you a few things that are happening in the Tetley world to play our part in all that is important.

We have three clear priorities at the moment: (1) making sure our Tetley staff are safe and healthy, (2) ensuring supply of tea continues as quickly and as safely as we can, for you, and (3) helping those in need in the community, as well as the fantastic front-line staff helping to get us healthy again.

The government has classified the food industry as an essential industry, and therefore our staff are classed as “key” workers. So, we are working hard to keep producing and shipping Tetley tea to keep shelves stocked in shops and provide tea to the NHS, Care Homes and other important locations across the country. Supplying tea for everyone we can, and helping to keep conversations over a cuppa going in times of social isolation, is important – which is why our factory is remaining open at this key time.

However, we are doing this with high levels of focus on the health & safety of all Tetley employees at all times. All non-essential staff are working from home, and we will ensure we follow all the government guidelines for the ‘essential workers’ still working at the factory and head office.

A section of our community is especially vulnerable, with many people with underlying health issues or age vulnerability being urged to stay home for a 12-week period. So, we have committed to helping the Government’s aid package initiative by supplying our tea. This will form part of the food and medicine packages that will be going out on an unprecedented level to 1.5 million of those who the Government have deemed to be most in need of help and everyday care.

These are extraordinary times, so from all of us at Tetley, we hope you and your friends & family all stay safe and healthy, and we will continue to work hard every day to ensure you get your cup of Tetley tea.

Doing what we can to help those in need - Published: Thursday, 2nd April 2020

The first supply of Tetley tea has been delivered for inclusion in the UK Government’s DEFRA care packs, which are being delivered weekly to the 1.5m people identified as the most vulnerable in the UK.

Working with two of our wholesale customers, Bidfood and Brakes – who have joined forces to deliver the food and essential supply boxes, our teas form part of the essential supplies boxes that are being distributed through their national depot network and delivered by the security checked drivers.

“I am delighted we have been able to support this essential initiative and really proud of how the cross-functional teams have pulled together to make it happen in record-breaking time.

To deliver this DEFRA initiative, as well as continue to manage the incredible pressure of existing customer orders, just highlights how hard the factory is working and how everyone is going above and beyond to keep Tetley teas available at this unsettling time. So, a big thank you to all involved.” says Amy Holdsworth, Customer Development Director for Tetley.

The door step delivery parcels contain more than 20 essentials including pasta, cereal, tea bags, fresh and tinned fruit, milk, bread and biscuits, as well as non-food items like toilet rolls and shower gel.