Equation For The Perfect Cuppa

The Perfect Cuppa

Our master tea blender, Seb, whose taste buds are insured for £1 Million, has worked closely with an expert mathematician, Dr James Hind, to reveal the equation for the Perfect blend in celebration of our 180th anniversary!

Equation For The Perfect Cuppa!


The equation highlights the complexity of the humble cuppa, and the art form of creating the perfect blend. It boils down to training, skill and expertise – a whopping 180 years of it!

Seb and his blending team taste over 40,000 cups of tea a week to achieve the best blend, which becomes the classic Tetley brew.  From that blend come millions of perfect brews, showing that there is no one perfect way to take your tea – its each to their own!

The Brits Way

The most commonly drunk cuppa in the UK involves the following steps. 


The research also reveals that 48% of brits brew the teabag for at least a minute, with almost 1/3 of UK tea drinkers considering brewing time the most important factor when making a cup of tea!

When it comes to others making our tea we are a fussy lot with a huge 44% of people believing that only they make the best cup of tea themselves. But 14% of us believe that there is love in the tea leaves and that their partners make them the perfect brew!

However, office tea rounds could soon be in danger, as only 1% of people trust the way their colleagues’ make their tea!

We are, it would seem, all sweet enough already as a whopping 72% of people take no sugar with 17% opting for replacements such as honey!



As we continue to look at how the nation drinks their cuppas we would love to see your perfect cup of tea moments.




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Why don't you pop the kettle on and make your perfect cuppa?