Tetley Turns 180!


From being sold by the Tetley brothers on the back of a horse-drawn cart to providing magical moments across the world, we’ve come a long way in the last 180 years! 

Take a look through this page to see how everything we’ve done so far has meant your Tetley cuppa tastes as good now as it did back then.

Tetley Tea Trivia

Have a look at some of our Tetley Tea Trivia

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It's thirsty work being a Tetley taster... On any given day the team can taste over 1,000 different teas!

Physical Balance

Our Blenders and Buyers are seriously dedicated to sourcing a quality cuppa, with 900 years of experience between them all.


Our Senior Tea Buyer, Seb, oversees all the teas that come through the Tasting Room and his taste buds are insured for a cool £1M!


The Tea Folk have become minor celebrities over the years, selling over 30M pieces of merchandise!


Tea Folk History

44 years – that’s how long the Tea Folk have been with us and they’ve evolved just as much as we have!   Gaffer and the gang know their tea and that you just can’t beat a Tetley cuppa.

1977 Tea Folk

The Tea folk have been on our screens for over 40 years, with Gaffer starring in the first ad in 1977.

Tea folk

Did you know the Tea Folk launched the round teabag in the UK in 1990? It revolutionised the way we brew tea

2010 Tea Folk

The Tea Folk returned to our screens after nine years away in 2010, seeing some exciting new Tetley teas first-hand.

Tea Folk 2016

There's a famous face behind the much-loved voice of the Tea Folk, with David Schofield voicing Gaffer!


Our Expertise

Our Blenders and Buyers have been crossing the globe for 180 years to source the freshest, tastiest teas and bringing them together to make sure every cuppa tastes just as good as the last. 

Our classic Tetley blend incorporates teas from various regions which each bring their own qualities to your cuppa.

Blended 'Til It's Lovely

The Perfect Tetley taste you know and love!

Our Commitments

At Tetley, we are committed to ensuring a better life for farmers. As without them, there would be no brew that we love so much! We’ve been working together for 180 years and their expertise in the tea fields like the one below means they know the freshest leaves and what makes a quality cuppa. 

And as if our tea doesn’t get any better, we are proud to be 100% Rainforest Alliance certified and one of the founding members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which helps to create a thriving, global tea industry that is socially fair and environmentally sustainable.

How about that from your humble cuppa?



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There is nothing but joy at the bottom of our teacup - for you, our farmers and the environment.