Winners Brew

"Keep calm and put the kettle on… we’ve won the lottery!"

The National Lottery and Tetley create the Perfect Brew for Lottery Winners

Nearly half of lottery winners switch on the kettle and have a cuppa to celebrate their life changing moment


With research finding that a staggering 43% of lottery winners switch on the kettle to celebrate their life changing moment, Tetley has joined forces with The National Lottery to create a special gold-star infused tea blend – called Winners Brew – exclusively for lottery winners.

It would be a natural assumption that lottery winners, who are often seen in the media spraying champagne following their win, would choose a glass of fizz in the moments after they realise they have won. However research by The National Lottery has found that an astonishing number of winners snub the bubbles and instead turn to the humble cuppa upon discovering their big news, with just 11% opting for champagne.

The exclusive tea, created and produced by Tetley, is made from leaves specially selected from the highest altitude and high quality tea estates around Mount Kenya and the Great Rift Valley to help provide a calming and soothing sensation for lottery winners.

Each handmade teabag also has a sprinkling of real gold leaf stars, adding a bit of National Lottery sparkle to every cup.

Meet the Master behind the blend


Sebastian Michaelis, Tetley Master Blender, explains, “We were really excited when The National Lottery challenged us to create a unique tea for lottery winners. The ‘Winners Brew’ includes a winning combination of specially selected teas for a wonderfully fresh, zingy and zesty cuppa that delivers a rich and soothing malty flavour.

“And of course it wouldn’t be a winning tea without a little lottery magic, so we’ve added around 150 real gold leaf stars to each handmade teabag - giving the Winners Brew a unique golden finish.”

Put The Kettle On And Celebrate

National Lottery Winners Brew

Gold-Star infused tea blend – called Winners Brew


Gallery of Winners


WInners Kevin & Michelle



Kevin & Michelle Jones

 £6.1m Lotto Jackpot Winners from Crewe


Winners Natalie & Andrew



Natalie & Andrew Cunliffe

£1m Scratchcard Winners from Blackpool


Winners Brew at Celebration Day

The Winners Brew at our celebration day